Understanding The Importance of Your Roof

Your roof is the unsung hero of your home. Without your roof nothing else matters, it is the protector of your home. A roof does more than keep you dry in a rainstorm, it can save you on energy expenses, create longevity for the structure of your home and it serves as an vital part of your home exterior system.

Roofing Done Right

Your roof is comprised of many layers and parts. The foundation of a good roof starts with your sheathing and sub layers. Your underlayment and ice and water shield serve as an additional layer of protection between your shingles and sheathing, because water has a way of finding its way inside if not properly installed.

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Save Time and Money

A roof’s ventilation is vital in the longevity of your roof. The temperature of your attic, if not properly maintained, can accelerate the deterioration of your roof. Our roofing professionals bring decades of experience and knowledge to every consultation and can easily identify signs and signals of where your issues are coming from.

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